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pe 26. maalisk.


Musiikkitalo, Sonore Hall

Pietro Mascagni: L'amico Fritz (Suzel)

Sibelius Academy Opera presents Pietro Mascagni's comic opera L'amico Fritz and Giacomo Puccini’s emotionally grandiose Suor Angelica.

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Paikka & aika

26. maalisk. 2021 klo 18.30 UTC+2 – 01. huhtik. 2021 klo 21.30 UTC+3

Musiikkitalo, Sonore Hall, Mannerheimintie 13 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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These operas are double cast. More information and precise dates will be updated in due course.

In L’Amico Fritz, the title character declares himself a perpetual bachelor, only to be blindsided by his feelings for the lovely Suzel.

The title character in Suor Angelica is a noblewoman who bears a child out of wedlock. As punishment, she is ordered to enter a convent. When her aunt, Zia Principessa, visits the convent, Angelica believes that she has completed her punishment and will be allowed to return home. But the news her aunt brings changes her life forever. Puccini wrote an achingly emotional score to frame this tale of maternal love, repentance and grace.

L’Amico Fritz is a comic opera by Pietro Mascagni, where the title character is a landowner who is happy with his life as a bachelor and could not care less about marrying. But thanks to a bet and an intrigue devised by his friend David, Fritz begins to have feelings for the lovely Suzel, rather to his surprise. Suzel also secretly realises that she is attracted to Fritz. But how can they declare their feelings, since Suzel – according to David – is already betrothed to another man?

Sibelius Academy Opera Markus Lehtinen, conductor Johanna Freundlich, director Emilia Eriksson, costume designer Tuija Luukkainen, makeup designer Jukka Kolimaa, lighting designer

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